Matt Strobel

Hi And Welcome To My World!

Until I find the time to build a proper homepage, here is a list of businesses and projects that I am currently either running myself or I am somehow involved with.

To be continued. . .

Happening on September 5. + 6., 2024 in the heart of Berlin, I organise a conference-like event experience that focuses entirely on visionary approaches for trans-disciplinary and cross-sectoral innovation for the music ecosystem. I have invited some of the brightest people in the sector to explore and discuss the future of music and sound. This unparalleled event is set to beciome a beacon for visionaries, pioneers, artists, and industry thought-leaders with fresh and novel ideas.

Spotlighing the innovative work from creative minds that push the limits of creativity in performances and installations, I have founded Wicked Artists, a booking agency for creative technology & new media art. Together with my friend Dennis Kastrup who works as a music & tech journalist since the year 2000. Our roster consists of unique and exceptional artists who pair human creativity with emerging technologies. 

I am founder and president of MusicTech Germany, the Federal Association for Music Technology in Germany. Our network of innovators create solutions for the challenges of the music ecosystem in the digital age and avant-garde approaches, determined to further the potential and future success of artists by improving the creative environment and underlying economic infrastructure.

Together with Handiclapped-Kultur Barrierefrei e.V, I started the initiative „Pinnc Music“ to improve live performance opportunities for inclusive bands or artists. Pinc Music stands for „Platform for inclusive music“. On it, you can find a wide range of inclusive musicians, bands and other music projects. Inclusive music means that people with and without a formally recognized disability make music together.


I am teachin the course „The Berlin Music Tech Startup Secene“ at Clive Davis Institute For Recorded Music in at NYU Berlin. As a place of constant change which provides a unique environment for cultural experimentation, Berlin attracts artists and visionaries from all over the world. Equipped with various expertise in different disciplines and inspired by the diversity, creativity, and freedom of the city, many have joined forces, and transformed a once experimental scene into a professionalised and vibrant field of businesses. My course examines innovation brought to the music industry by Berlin-based startups and entrepreneurs that made a sustainable impact with their solutions.

I initiated the „Berlin MusicTech Meetups“ in November 2018. A physical gathering of people from Berlin who are interested in music tech to connect, meet and mingle, learn from each other and get inspired by presentations from innovators and pioneers in the field of music tech. What started as a meetup meanwhile grew into a lovely community with more than 1.700 people.

I send out a thoughtfully crafted weekly digest each Friday at noon (CEST), with the latest news in music technology. 10 links with interesting articles and inspiring stories on music (business) innovation, technology, and creative artistry in the field of music tech. No Spam, no bullshit!

I icreated the the global Music Tech Directory. It allows music tech innovators to showcase their work, disclose remarkable ideas, connect with others, research competitors and explore synergies, or identify new areas of growth. The Music Tech Directory also serves as an innovation database for musicians, artists and anyone who works in the music industry to assist in finding new tools and services.